In case undelivered or damaged luggage it is necessary to report this fact at Lost and Found desk at the airport. In case of undelivered luggage it is necessary to ask for written confirmation with clearly stated date, time and flight number (by which the luggage was to be transported) and the description of the bags. Such passenger has the right to purchase the things of personal need (hygienic items etc.) which will be refunded by the air transport company. The sum of the things for personal need is limited depending on the country and therefore the passenger has to require the information about the sum for particular destination directly at the place.
At the same time the passenger is obliged to provide his local contact at which he is reachable in case when his luggage is delivered.
In case of luggage damage it is also necessary to require the written confirmation with the description of the bags and damage description.
If your luggage was delivered damaged or robbed, it is also necessary to require written confirmation about it at delivery service.

The following process of solutions of the above mentioned situations as a procedure of financial compensation is solved according to the own internal procedures of a particular air transport company.
The passengers’ rights and duties concerning these situations are clearly stated in the EU directive called the Passengers’ rights in air transport.
If the passenger is not contented with the solution of his complaint offered by the air transport company he can contact the particular controlling authority on country level, which should supervise how the air transport companies meet their obligations.